Oil on canvas 86.4 cm x 63.5 cm (34" x 25") Reflecting on this work, we mentally at once run the reel of a dozen other parallel, enclosed spaces hid in the lockers of our memories. These granite seeming walls may as well be in Upper Egypt—in Luxor, in ancient Mesopotamia, in Persopolis, in Mohenjodara, or elsewhere. The feel of such space, and quite as the artist treats it, is formidable. Here stones speak volumes. They are solid and they are time defying, while human life is no more than a flash in the pan. The last thought does not unnerve us, but becomes a kind of poetry, since there is more creaturely awareness in it. So this work is a passage in the soul’s history. By placing two near emerald coloured wee blocks on polished floor, the painter offers viewers visual delight as of course an uncluttered purity of nuance.

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