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Noxoff on October 01, 2010 15:36
Very beautiful !!! Successful work.
Shahrzad on September 11, 2010 06:56
Pathegen77 on January 16, 2010 21:02
Wow! These are really nice pieces. I'm interested to see how your work evolves over the next few years.
Erra on January 10, 2010 14:39
Hello Denise, I enjoy admiring your artwork, it is beautiful and , interesting and I wish you best of luck with it, also I'd like to thank you for your nice comments regarding my encaustic wax first experiments, it's fun to work with pigmented wax, you should try it if you have the chance !
Rwhinshaw on January 10, 2010 00:56
dolphins are so much fun and fun to paint. I really like your work as well, Alaska being my favorite!
Lawnjocky on January 06, 2010 19:35
I do alot of nudes in black and white and grey. They are not in my gallery because I'm trying it out for a while. The pieces I do have are abstract, which is what i do mostly. I really like the stuff you have here.
Leonardaitken on January 04, 2010 23:02
ps: I can't believe Bubbles and Liquors is done in coloured pencil.
Leonardaitken on January 04, 2010 23:00
Thanks for your comments Denise. I use oils for most of my paintings. I build the paint up in thin layers. Lenny

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