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  My artistic career begun in the '80s with   surrealistic paintings and drawing. Now my research is based on the principle of Kaos and takes the form of visionaries mixed media collages, obtained by the union of images, geras, mechanisms of wreks and found objects, glued on wood or canvas, where I describe the social and spiritual alienation of our age.

I have collaborated with stories, essays and drawings to various Italian and foreign publications.

I won the 2nd Prize of the National Competition "Versi per un '45 Giri" Teleuropa, Rome, 16/12/1989.

In 1991 I published the book of aphorisms and various thoughts "Lo Ziraq" (Ed. Ellin Selae).



people, painting, architecture, collage, mixed media, fashion, urban, philosophy, religious, romance, digital art, surrealism, world culture, fetish, vintage, artistic book, ecological, visionary, cityscape, culture, political, psychology, war, travel, astronomy, installation jewelry, urban alienation, portriat


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