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Anna Zygmunt

I was born in Sosnowiec 1976, Poland. My artistic career has begun at the National School of Fine Arts in Katowice 1991-1996 (Poland) where I obtained qualifications in Sculpture (the title of Visual Artist).

I studied painting, drawing, sculpture, lettering and calligraphy, designing, history of art and history of philosophy among other art related subjects. In years 1996-2002 I studied linguistics at Silesian University, English Philology Department (MA).

In my artistic career my primary choice are oil paintings which are born when my mind crosses the thin line between consciousness and subconsciousness. Artistic work needs the exploration and combination of the past and present by means of new forms of expression based on inner spiritual values. Last years I have concentrated on the subject of a woman. A woman, which for me, is a combination of extreme emotions; ethereal beauty but at the same time strong values. It is the subject which may serve a lifelong inspiration and as the art history shows it has always been a big challenge to artists.


About my work and my arts

Art has always been a part of my life. I specialize in oil paintings, in different themes: acts, portraits, nature, landscapes and abstract paintings that are always inspired from natural motifs. My latest paintings represent mostly women, accompanied by some elements of nature such as flowers, birds and butterflies. There are also present some religious elements in forms of angels. Angels which show, with their childlike faces, the whole variety of human moods.

My works are born when my mind crosses the fine line between consciousness and sub-consciousness and many ideas oryginate from my dreams.


Technique of painting

The artwork needs experimentation and fusion of past and present, using new forms of expression based on inner spiritual values and very subtle choices. My technique of painting is based, over the years, mainly on trying out new techniques, taking elements from the past and mixing them with modern techniques. Clashing the classic oil painting school with ‘rough abstract elements’ this way making my own intriguing compositions.


I believe that the more we see and experience the broader our creative outlook is. This is one of the reasons why, last 15 years, I have organized and couched many artistic travels to enjoy painting on location in Italy, Malta, England, France, Spain,the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Russia, Poland, Czech, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia.




painting, angels, oil on canvas, fantasy, abstract, portrait, animals, nature, nudes, landscape, mythology, birds, anna zygmunt


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