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Highly-charged, intense and vibrant, the work of talented Russian artist, Natalia Pietsch literally bursts onto the canvas.

Seen most clearly in her latest abstract works, the artist’s emotional energy is transformed into inspirational and expressive art. This pure energy feeds her creativity, filling the canvas with her inner world and her vision. Natalia’s art is without frontiers, both literally and metaphorically. "I often feel there’s not enough space for an idea. I need freedom to spread, to allow a painting to go where it wants to." This sense of limitlessness goes deeper and further than the boundaries of her canvas; it’s woven into the layers of her paintings, allowing submerged images to surface and then recede again.

Originally from Russia, Natalia had a classical training, learning basic artistic techniques but it wasn’t long before she began searching for her own style. In the early days, that style was figurative romantic. Using aquarelle, tempera and graphics, her work included the human form and animals, usually in a surrealistic style. More recently she has used acrylic and sand to integrate structure and relief into her paintings, bringing depth and a passion for life to her work. The results shock the senses with rushes of colour, movement and the artist’s special brand of symbolism.

 Paintings such as ‘Explosion’ and ‘Flying Jewels’ and the breathtaking ‘Birds of Bosa’ are among the most emotive, along with the inspired ‘Drops of Life’ with its sensual swirls of colour and a multitude of small golden ‘drops of life’. Hidden amongst layers of colour are small hands, fingers, half formed faces, skeletons – life beginning and life ending.

Natalia settled in Marbella and it’s had a significant effect on her work. She has already made her mark as an artist in Marbella and has clients in Italy, Germany, the Baltic States and around the world. Natalia Pietsch’s work is inspired by her own emotional landscape and her greatest wish is for her public to explore that landscape with her.

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Where the art is:

 The work of Russian-born artist, Natalia Pietsch, is extensively represented on the Coast in a range of different permanent exhibitions.

These include the DB British International Gallery on the Golden Mile, the Regus Business Centre in Marbella and the Aztec Country Club in Mijas Costa.

 Her paintings can also be seen in the Salamanca car showroom in San Pedro, in La Galerie in Puerto Banus and in Alejandro Hermann Gallery in Nueva Andalucia.

 Natalia's paintings touch the soul and radiate a special energy while her vivid colours express pure happiness.

 To see her latest works drop into the Incosol Hotel in Marbella where they are being exhibited until the 15th of April.

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