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I believe that I create art to help preserve the natural beauty of my home state, Florida and that my work will raise awareness of the importance of preserving our fragile environment, especially in areas like the Everglades.  I am as inspired by the incredible horizon line views as I am by close and abstract views of the plants and animals of this subtropical region. The color and forms of my surroundings are essential parts of my work.


What drives me most as an artist is letting the process take over and just going along with it.  The techniques I use are very accommodating in this respect. Mixed media paper collage allows me to create papers using tissue, rice paper, and digital images. I work in acrylics, watercolor and gouache, using various stamping and brush techniques to create my papers and assemble these to create the collages.


I have had formal art training and am familiar with many techniques from lost wax jewelry to linoleum block fabric design. I am also a weaver and weave two and four shaft tapestry designs as well as inkle designs. Coming from a fiber arts background, I find working with papers a natural extension of my love of creating color and form in a non-traditional way.



Loree Jackson was born in Queens, N.Y., in 1961. Her first art display was a collage she created using comic strip characters, cotton balls and yarn for the television show, Romper Room School; her mother insisting that she <em>really</em> had mailed the collage to the TV station….hmmmm….


Loree has had formal art training, learning  jewelry making, lost wax, intaglio and linoblock printing, basket weaving, drawing and painting as well as weaving, which became a life-long pursuit.  She also took an illustration class with <a href="http://www.markgmitchell.com/">Mark Mitchell </a>.  She is self taught in 4 shaft weaving, dyeing, spinning, fabric printing, and silk screen.


Loree presently works in collage, and mixed media as well as tapestry weaving.  She is available to teach rigid heddle and 4 shaft weaving techniques.


abstract, collage, floral, animals, nature, landscape, trees, wildlife, botanical, birds, sea life, fish, tapestry, florida, environmental, everglades


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