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Silvia Cavedoni, born in 1991, starts taking photography more seriousely after buying her second photo camera, bought in NYC. 

I followed only some lessons of photography and I'm trying to find some spare time to learn the tecnique. I begun as an autodidact, and year after year I see progresses: there are constantly more and more photos where I can find something "special" in, and I'm even happier for the results I'm having.  

My annual appointment with Venice's Carnival is a special one: as soon as I get out of the station and start walking my way through the city, I feel like I've come back home :) These masks are my speciality, but you can also find some more photosof my projects.


You can also find me on or you can look for me on Facebook, searching do-notBotherMe :)



photography, portrait, holidays, world culture, magical, culture, mask


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