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I am a 53 year old artist in Galliano, Louisiana.  I have worked in many media, but oils were the main one until about 1985 when I quit painting.


I make little wood art things now.  Beads and mushrooms as I call them.  The beads are mainly used by macrame folks, and the mushrooms just sit on desks and tables and so on.  The larger beads are for ceiling fan pulls and the like.  I make a lot of things without knowing what they could be used for.


I have been doing art and handcrafts since about 1968.  I have cut opals and star sapphires, and made many deer antler things.  I sometimes work for a living, and sometimes do art.  If I was really known for art, I'd not go to sea again or any of those other things.




woodworking, abstract, fantasy, fauna, psychedelic


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