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On the surface my etchings are representational. The content is chiefly urban and/or figurative, and they aim to catch the texture of the everyday world - places, times, effects of light and weather. On the other hand,

I am very concerned with the abstract geometries which remain visible within, or arise from, the world of appearances. There is also the attraction of the etched line with its variety and warmth. Most of my prints are monochrome, although red makes an occasional appearance.

The fact that prints are multiples rather than unique entities is another thing that intrigues me. Like a published poem, a print does not exist in only one manifestation: each copy has its own reality, but there is another reality, a more conceptual one, which the copies point towards.

The main influences on my etching have been the etchings of Rembrandt, and modern Dutch etchers - Aat Veldhoen, Charles Donker, Willem den Ouden ...


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