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New dimension of art,  21. Century  GOTAL ART
Young Croatian artist JGotal after 7-8 years of learning about art and art history.
He has found one unic dimension in art, and now he can say that art
public has a new artist for 21. Century.
A lot of people showed scepticisam about it, and were also restrained, but only future
will show that he took one great step, but in the right way.
Testing his posibilities as well as technology, he found new art dimension using just one
line. It may seem as something very simple, but it is very difficult way for an artist.
THE STORY - drawing one line, from point A to point B, painting could be finished in only
one direction. Every art critic would probably think that it is noting special but only
now only Jury knows how difficult it is to paint in this new art stil.
Way in one line direction.
Only in this technic artist can touch the deapth of his mind, which can slitely turn to
some kind of meditation.Crossing this one line
artist has to open his
full soul and mind.
Using this technic, Jury wants to leave one realy strong and realistic trace, with the
effect of mistery, in art for
future generations.
Only with this technic and technology, it is possible.


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