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Self confessed art and design junkie, with a passion for attacking paper with pens and other implements of mass paper destruction. When not engaging in this past time, I like to fire off my camera and shoot anything that falls within my sight.

Currently I am a full time student in my final year of my three year Diploma Of Advertising & Graphic Design, with a aim of setting up my own permanent studio in the long run. I live in Adelaide which is the state capital of South Australia, and study at the Croydon Institute of TAFE.

On a side note I would also like to take the opportunity to promote people with disabilities and mental illnesses in the arts. I myself suffer from Bi-polar, and as such would like to inspire other people in a similar situation to me to get involved with the arts. For many years I have found it difficult to find my niche and where I fit into the scheme of life, but I now think I feel pretty much at home in graphic design.

Please vist my website for more information.


people, life, politics, mental health, emotions, feelings, sociiety, sociology, collage, computer art, digital art, graphic design, illustration, mixed media, painting, paper, pastel, photography, watercolor, abstract, activism, communication, conceptual, culture, family, inspirational, minimalism, philosophy, portrait, satire, spiritual, still life


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