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Academic degree of graphic arts at Rabat (Morocco) 
 in 1966.

And  in 1967 with art teachers Jean Massinet and Lucien Anglade very known in France and Morocco, I studied all kinds of differents technics on the paper.

Creator of graphic art and advertising in the hotel chain Hilton International and in some hotels around the world of Hilton chain.

Since 1970 I was interested in the nude art
I find it fascinating, attractive, with sensualities
by the forms and movement, an art with energy
strong and deep, creator and revealer every time
we begin a new work of art.

I settle in Israel in the year of 73.
With a friend Artist Pauline Pasilis we have created
an Art Center for artists in the city of Rehovot
 and others art centers for beginners artists,
So has the city of Tel Aviv.


nudes, drawings, paper, pastel


320 appreciations
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