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We present to your attention the new range of unique wrought iron statuettes entirely hand crafted in “JO 78” Ltd.

Among the statuettes we provide you can find the one which can bring integrity and completeness to your interior. It can be the element which brings mildness, coziness and warmth to the room, independently whether the design is classical or contemporary. 

Hundreds of possible combinations of colors and effects as well as different variations of the shapes make each statuette made by us really unique.  

Our precisely selected team of specialists: chemists, masters (welders and fitters) and designers produces different decorative wrought iron items:  statuettes; different types of candle holders; mirrors with wrought iron frame; coat racks; wine stands; flower pots; flower stands and many others. We have done our best to satisfy every possible taste with our varied by their kind and by color range products.


The main distinguishing features of our decorative wrought iron items that outstand them from all other offered on the market are:

-               Stylish and clear forms, created by our designers;

-               Unique diversity of colors and color combinations often combined with additional effects of the coating;

-               Special chemical treatment of the surface of some of the items which gives the treated items an antique look;

-               Exceptional precision during the making which gives our products the demanded exquisite and delicate appearance. Strict quality control is applied at each stage of the process;

-               We produce two items similar by shape and coloring only upon special request;

At our web page you will find detailed information about our statuettes, the availability and prices, dimensions, photos of each items, descriptions of the process of making and of the different types of coating: paints and color combinations, chemical treating, additional effects – “marble”, “granite”, “patina”,  “old gilt”.



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