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As children we all are playing: visualising all sorts of shapes in clouds, trees, flowers or rocks.  Our fugitive designs are hardly solid: they take shapes only for a moment - after a short while disappear while they are back again unexpectedly, always changing but never being the same.
I do not have to look for particular pattern around myself in the real world: wherever or whatever I see, thousands of faces are looking back at me. What I wish to do is to model those faces applying for various arts' techniques. The human being inspire me to represent their fears or fatigues, the dark side of their souls and minds: their own demons.
My sculptures are inspired by a magic world, by vague moments. The muse never inspires creation of two similar statuettes because the magic moments are never the same, all of them are different and all moments give me tremendous inspiration. And I very much enjoy every moment of my work!


sculpture, mystical


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