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Your relationship with Nature says far more about you

Than anyone else of you can say as their words may not be true

For if you love Mother Nature and with her live in harmony

Then you are working for the good of all of humanity.



I am Khachar (Arthur Khachatryan), the painter from Armenia.


I tenderly love my country Armenia, its nature and landscapes, lakes and mountains and try to reflect it in my artworks.


I consider French impressionists as my teachers and like their follower I like to create not under the influence of mind, but feelings.


These are some comments about my works from Armenian media:


“The majority of Khachar`s canvases are devoted to native landscapes and highland, smiling and sunshining hues reveal painter’s melancholic and lyrical essence”.


“The palette of Khachar is rich and coloured: violet, pink, yellow and the hues of blue are combined in canvases representing the beauty of nature according to painter’s perception”.


“By landscapes of Khachar we come close to native nature. It’s said, that the more you strive for nature, the more you come close to God. These canvases remind us that love and care for nature is a supernatural sensation. By the virtue of painter’s emotions and colors of canvases we come close to nature and man-nature relationships become more meaningful”




  Artist Biography


I am Khachar and I am from Yerevan, capital city of Armenia.

I have inherited passion for Fine Art from my father. He was amateur painter and I got my first lessons of  painting from him. I have appreciated it so far.

In my school years I attended painting classes in Yerevan House of Architects. After finishing school I entered the faculty of painting at Armenian Pedagogical University.

I participated in many exhibitions including 2 personal ones during my years of study.

After graduation from University I worked as designer at a knitted-goods factory, for some time was a jeweller, but still was painting.

Now I am an independent painter and can dedicate all my time to painting.

My artworks were exhibited at 4 personal exhibitions in the best Armenian Fine Art Galleries: Narekatsy, Art Bridge, Hay Art.

I have been several times interviewed on Armenian National TV, newspapers and Art magazines.

Many of my paintings are now outside of Armenia - in the USA, France, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom...


 In my paintings I use only high class mediums and  materials.


 Please visit my personal website for more of my paintings and artworks. Thanks!


painting, landscape, cityscape, country life, farm, mountains, nature, still life, trees, urban


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