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Lila Benharush


Painting, photography, digital art and plastic materials.

Living and creating artwork in Israel from an early age Lila has only just begun to publish her unique works over the last two years.

The bond between body and soul, social and gender constructs, the subtle ties of sexuality and emotion are both the main inspiration and the arena of exploration in the majority of Lila’s compositions as a versatile artist. Lila utilizes the diverse techniques of Her creations to mirror the various facets of awareness when we seize our body during the course of our lives.

Starting from birth our body is transformed and influenced by the numerous processes of life, it is our primary shell in witch we roam the world” - Lila

Lila produces her detailed works on canvas, paper and perspex boards always working in very small editions. (normally of 5 or less) This adds an extra element of exclusivity to her already desirable collection of work.

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digital art, other, photography, sea life


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