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Oleg Poberezhnyi was born in 1959 in Kharkov, Ukraine. He studied in Art College in Kharkov (1976-1981) as a painter and in Academy of Building Engineering (architecture and design) (1981-1986). In the beginning of his creativity Oleg exhibited in Ukrainian galleries, worked in portrait art- he has drown about 1000 portrait in pastel and oil, moving people, dancing ballerinas. From 1992 he began to exhibit his works in Germany – in Nuremberg Culture Centre and in Bavarian art galleries. In this period Oleg enter the National Union of Ukrainian Artists as young painter. After that, Oleg Poberezhnyi took an active part in Pantomime World festivals in Stuttgart with his personal exhibitions in 90’Th years. Clowns and performance became one of the create ideas of the artist. Oleg Poberezhnyi has his own theory of color in art. He was awarded the Prize of Honorable Mention in Japanese Design Foundation in 1992. Then during 10 years Oleg became finalist of such competitions as "Berlin’s wall”(architect, Germany), "WOGG” (interior design, Switzerland), took part in design competitions in Japan, Greece, Germany, France, where his ideas always were noticed. Oleg Poberezhnyi is a representative of Kharkov school of art, one of the strongest in Ukraine and Russia. He constantly exhibits his works in the National Union of Ukrainian Artist, in art galleries of Kiev and Kharkov. More than 5000 artworks are keeping in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, USA, Israel, Poland, France.


 You can find me in following galleries:


- My own site: http://poberezhnyi.com


- imediart.com


- smyart.com


- nobullart.com


- oilpaintingsonline.com


- artistrising.com


- allposters.com


- art.com


- artnow.ru


architecture, beach, birds, cats, children, cityscape, clowns, communication, culture, dance, family, famous people, fashion, landscape, life, love, music, nature, people, sea, seascape, urban, world culture, graphic design, painting, reproduction, sea life


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