My name is Patrice Abrogoua. I was born in Cote D'ivoire a Bouake. This is my live performing Art and cultural Art. I enjoy creativity in art and focus on the positivity of life. In My art i show that i'm really use a style of urban,comic and cultural arts. But i challenge myself to elevate the bounderies of arts. I'm an artist and Graphic designer that also have ambition on what i do. I also participate on community help and events. I created a free Blog for the Art Community which is an offer to the artist that have hard time connecting online with the world. This is something that i create to connect with arts and artists. I also was part of the founder of Tempe Art a Gogh  Gogh with Media Tempe in Arizona. 


art, agrylic, craft, canvas, urban, new era, live, collage, comic, crafts, drawing embossing, painting, sculpture, textile, abstract, beach, comics, culture, history, inspirational, judaic, landscape, life, mask, motivational, music, new age, peace, portrait, sky, space, television, world conflict


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