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The Intimate Artworld of mine
By Robbert Enfield

There are many approaches to an Artist's works which may lead to serious appraisal. In time, appreciation grows - or declines; in any event understanding of the works becomes inseparable from a sense of the artist's personality. Exposure to works of a living artist, seen at intervals of time and in assorted company,presents a different sort of challenge. Over each work hangs a question mark. It is worthwhile knowing the Artist as a man, but ultimately it is the works which must be assessed, and they speak for themselves.


My biggest inspiration is nature in the broadest sense of the word.
Nature has to do with ourselves, since we are a part of nature.
I create the best in a quiet environment, because I get my inspiration from the things around me, from the attitude of people and how we affect each other.
My paintings are a tribute to Suriname’s natural and cultural diversity:
our multi-cultural community and our beautiful tropical nature.
I'm also deriving my main inspiration from life as it develops from chilhood, expressing this in theme's like Loneliness of Childhood, Tmeless Childhood, the Time, Next Chapter, Chapter returned and most recently Sunny Life.


semi abstract, mixed media, water color, aquarel, portrait, still life, conceptual, painting, paper, pastel, watercolor, abstract, children, communication, cosmic, ecological, education, family, fantasy, figurative, landscape, motivational, naive, nature, new age, peace, people, scenic, surrealism, trees, vintage, visionary, wildlife, world culture, acryl on canvas, animals, healing, life, love, marine, mystical, philosophy, spiritual, other, collage, home, magical, inspirational, psychology


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