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Artist Bio: Ruth Olivar Millan is a Chicana multimedia artist that studied art at UC Berkeley, Mexico, Europe and Africa. She expresses herself in acrylics, watercolors, woodblock prints and ceramic sculpture. She calls her work “Chicana Expressionism”. It has evolved from her own Chicana experiences…Anglo, Native African, Asia-American, and Latin American life.
She was born and raised in San Joaquin Valley, in the center of California. She feels her experiences as a farm worker enriched her life, gave her the will to get an education and to help others when ever she can. The daughter of farm workers, Luciano and Maria de Jesus Olivar, she learned from these two gifted parents respect for our earth, the importance of family and extended family, and to have faith in our Creator. Through her parents she learned that our earth provides for us everything that we need, but also the importance of sharing our abundant gifts with others. Her father stressed the importance of an education. He would say, “It is more important for a woman to have an education."Still, for themselves, they found freedom and a connection in toil and difficult farm work. Their leadership said “No” to exploitation, but the pesticides have taken the best of the people (her father died of cancer at 45 years old). It was there she learned the Mexican Folk songs and short Japanese phrases . Another important concept taught by her parents, “Any job that you do well, with joy and dignity, is a good job”.
Her formal education took place in Parlier, California, junior college, then at UC Berkeley. It consists of an AB degree in Art, minor in Spanish and Mexican American Studies (la Raza, Chicano Studies from UC Berkeley, 1971). Standard Elementary Teaching credential K-9, Notre Dame, Masters of Arts (MA in Mexican American Studies/Bilingual Cross-cultural (education, history, linguist) from San Jose State University. A Bilingual Specialist Credential, ESL certificate of competence, Spanish Certificate of Competence; Teaching credentials for High School, adult education and 35 years experience. :"Pero la educacion no se aprende en libros”…but maybe it does, since then “I’ve learned about peace reading the Bible and the religious books my mother willed me. Books constantly open up new and fascinating subjects. I continue to learn and form new ideas and new discoveries. Her passions in life are her family, students, traveling the globe, poetry, fishing, painting, ceramics, wood block printing, painted quilts, God and the people that serve Him. She does find time to do volunteer work and occasionally gets an award.  Her biggest reward is the satisfaction that through helping others she has found the true meaning of Life. Retired.. Contact:        email       phone: 408-272-8790


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