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Hector M Aguerrebere Mexican student of fashion design at the Marangoni Institute in Milan, I dedicate my time to constantly draw in pencil, graffiti, oil, ink, Chartpak, acrylic, different types of transfer, including, without supervision from teachers or schools , and I've spent learning new painting techniques, I have in mind that dedication is a necessary tool to keep creating. These last months I went from being practical works of portraits or photographs, to be works with a meaning, plays with the idea planted on around me, my artistic ideas are much affected by different problems in the world and in their society.


illustration, abstract, people, portrait, painting, computer art, textile, fashion, urban, photography, philosophy, religious, romance, digital art, paper, watercolor, surrealism, world culture, ethnic, vintage, geometric, pastel, mythology, death, mystical, artistic book, ecological, history, biblical, visionary, poverty, activism, culture, digital, education, political, video, computer animation, oil painting


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