Certain circumstances we come by influence our life positively, negative. Black and white foster grants type personality.  Who wants to be normal? and she drew and she drew but what do you draw? what are those? Zombies? I pick a pen up, stare off into a world of future emotions. Overexagerated, won't trade the pen for anything but arthritis. Disturbing, and provocatively beautifull is what I draw. Where are we? Sometimes I feel like im torn broken haggard, othertimes when that worlds hidden, I feel beautifull and strong. Then when the lips touch, I enhale and let it stay. Are there monsters? Maybe not in physical form, but emotions are another story.


canvas with black gesso, animation, artistic book, body art, ceramics, comic, computer art, digital art, furniture, graphic design, illustration, neon, painting, paper, photography, tatoo art, watercolor, conceptual, death, fashion, fetish, inspirational, life, surrealism, zeitgeist


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