Bernie Friendlich



Bernie Friendlich was a social activist, poet and artist/sculptor who passed away in 2009 at age 91. He was an ardent organizer for the rights of men and women of every color and nation, dating back to his teen years in the 1930s and until his final days. Soldiering in World War II and 35 years as a worker in the NY garment district honed both his outrage at injustice and his aesthetic eye, and he produced nearly 150 works of art—watercolors and oils, sculpture in wood, clay, cement and bronze, experimental montages with mango pits and mussel shells, and much more. To his dying day, he believed the role of art was not just to beautify, but to also contribute a revolutionary voice to what he hoped would be the eventual rebirth of man.


oil, watercolor, sculpture, woodwork, collage, mixed media, other, painting, textile, woodworking, activism, animals, cityscape, conceptual, death, ecological, education, famous people, fish, history, holocaust, life, nature, people, political, poverty, satire, trees, visionary, war, world conflict, world culture


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