Losing My Religion

In Rutheemac's Gallery


This is an acrylic piece that is still a work in progress. It chronicles my debate within myself about my beliefs and the questioning of whether they hold validity or are a perpetuation of religious folklore. The work still has elements to be added to it, but I would consider it to be 75% completed. Note the rosary that winds itself around a figure, mine. The red tear drops represent the 50 Hail Marys that are said, for me the red tear drops mean a crisis within myself, a debate about my core beliefs. Also of note is the purple shawl type piece worn by a priest when administering rites outside the church, often in a hospital setting. The fire within the rosary could represent the fire and brimstone of hell or the fires within the crematorium, a hell of another type? Is it right that we burn our body after completing our time on earth? That's a decision that each of us must make on our own, one that I am grappling with now.

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