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So let’s be honest about this. If you had a cool modern apartment or house what would you hang on your walls? I presume you would hang some paintings or contemporary photography. Or would you hire the services of an interior designer and… dream on, right? Everyone hasn’t got that kind of cash to feed the extravagancies of a stranger no matter how talented his or her tastes are in interior design. But if you have bought yourself a cool place to live most people want it to look good - if not fantastic. And so they go out and buy furniture and fittings and all the trimmings. But do they buy contemporary art? And if they do. How much are they willing to pay for it?

We all know that buying modern furniture can add up to many thousands of £££’s in anybody’s currency. And then there is drapes and carpets or wooden flooring to be considered. None of this is cheap. And while we plan what to put in our new houses do we ever give a thought to the walls? OK, so they look good in pastel shades of house paint and some look swish in wallpaper. But what about something to hang on all that pastel space? To be frank, that unsigned print you bought years ago, when you shared a flat with your student mates, looked great then and fills a space now. But does it look chic in its new surroundings? Be honest! I know you love it. And you never want to part with it. But some things need to be stored for a few millennia until they come back in vogue. So go out and buy some modern art by living painters and hang it on your cool walls in your cool apartments and you’ll be amazed how cool your cool place wil look.


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