The Idiosynchronist Movement: "Our premise is that nothing can be objective- all experience is subjective based on emotion, passion and the self, there is no ultimate truth or reality other than our own transitory feelings and illusions.
We aim to take art away from the illusion of objectivity, and rationality and place it firmly where it belongs into a subjective environment- we aim to use imagery, themes and styles that are currently taboo in art - passion, melodrama, kitsch, emotion, cliché- we seek to produce work that some contemporary art galleries would not have the courage to hang because it sits outside the current artistic ethos, and that some buyers would not want because it does not flatter their ego, make them look sophisticated enough, or match the colour of their living room sofa.
We acknowledge the existence of our prejudices and social conditioning and the lies we perpetrate on a daily basis in our so called egalitarian societies which are in fact structured to make us feel collectively inadequate and therefore easily manipulated." See more at www.niccosta,com


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