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My name is Demitri Nezis; I was born in Portsmouth in 1979, grew up in Athens and have been an artist all my life. I studied art and graphic design at college in Greece and then went to university in the UK to study illustration.

Most of my earliest work was published in the urban magazines in Athens as I started off doing a lot of street art in and around the city. Inspired by the street art scene I started creating comics, posters and flyers before landing my first full time job working for a skate wear company in Athens called Nicotine Kills. My role was to design illustrations and logo’s for T-shirts and clothing wear. After this I went to study and work in the UK for 4 years before returning to Athens for 1 year to work as a designer for the Hellenic Airforce in the Public Relations department of the Pentagon in Athens. I was responsible for the art and design side of the advertising and promotion of the first international Air-Show in Greece. During my time in Athens I was also involved in an animation project for the Bizness-like Advertisement Company as well as designing illustrations and graphic design for various art and music magazines.

I returned to the UK after x-mas with my girlfriend and am now a freelance illustrator based in London.

Resently I have been working on 2 illustrated children’s books commissioned by Ransom publishing.

At the moment a large proportion of my commissions are for Bristol University and various club nights in and around the city. I have organised exhibitions and exhibited in galleries in the UK, Greece and Tokyo.

My work has been published in Virtual Studio, +design, Grafistas, Carpe-diem, Creative-error, Vep magazine, Graphotism, Ptisi, next-step (Bristol University), Pugwash (Student publication University of Portsmouth) and hooker magazine (fashion and extreme games publication).

I create my digital visuals by scanning in hand drawn images and layering, colouring and filtering them using PhotoShop and vectors in Illustrator. Most of the illustrations that I create are based on the theme of life-style, fashion and urbanism. When I am not in the studio or doing outlines in my sketchbook and finishing them off on my computer, I am in the streets with my digital camera and sketchbook looking for inspiration. Anything can capture my imagination from textures to interesting architectural structures. I focus more upon figurative art, but combine this with other elements such as photography, graphics and architecture, mixing them like a collage.



 Tel: 02089809958

Mobile: 0784900474


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