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paradiseblueart is a multi media artist from Austria in Europe. I am a children and animal friendly person... My art work is special pop art and a special 3-d-art including videos and art performances... Not all things presented free of charge  internet - for several reasons...


graphic design, abstract, portrait, painting, architecture, fantasy, collage, computer art, mixed media, textile, fashion, urban, photography, philosophy, body art, life, love, new age, romance, digital art, watercolor, music, world culture, comic, erotic, ethnic, landscape, famous people, sculpture, geometric, mythology, psychedelic, comics, cosmic, humor, magical, mystical, optical, inspirational, history, dance, fish, psychic, space, visionary, culture, digital, education, family, mask, political, psychology, science, sky, travel, installation jewelry, video, computer, modern art, optic, pop art, paradiseblueart


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