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Rex Woodmore Australian Fine Art

‘God’s Creation, my inspiration’

Based in Western Australia, I am blessed with the ability to produce ‘family friendly’ artworks that people like. 

* Italy’s largest book publisher and third largest magazine publisher in France, Mondadori, published one of my Jacaranda tree paintings on the cover of a novel with a 2000 print run.

 *Sydney University of Technology published ten of my Jacaranda tree paintings in a book called 'Jacaranda' The tree Australians like to call their own.

*Australia’s Artist’s Palette magazine features eight pages of my work in the March 2017 edition.

 * South Australian songwriter, Fiona Karmanlidis, has a Boab tree painting of mine on a CD cover of great award winning, Australian country songs.

*USA is my largest market. One client in Arizona has twenty five of my originals in a private collection and another repeat client has my largest (to date) Jacaranda tree painting (4x4ft).



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