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Over the past few years, I have been exploring my hometown, Vancouver. Recording and engaging with the developing areas. I am interested in the relationship between memories and physical space. Personally I find the destruction of these spaces, manipulating and even erasing certain memories. Urban centers such as Paris, New York and Montreal engage their history. Vancouver seems to forget its past and use profit as it’s only means of motivation. In my photographs, drawings and paintings, I hope to capture Vancouver’s ever changing landscape as well as preserve my memories. My main focus is on what’s left of the cities aging architecture. The decomposition of houses, factories and even communities are saturated with forgotten history. Their once flawless skin, now decayed, reveals a weathered and deformed infrastructure. I journey through these wastelands, stepping on the ashes of our past and exploring the things which have been swept underneath Vancouver’s carpet and hidden from the public’s eyes. In my work, I have searched beneath the urban façade and presented what has been erased. This theme reflects my urban upbringing and lifestyle, especially in the winter months.


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